Top 5 Best Apps of March 2015

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Top 5 Best Apps of March 2015
Artelier cuff and ring | J’Adore perfume

Top 5 Best Apps of March 2015

STYLE SPOTTER My new way of finding relevant items I like, to shop them and feature them in the blog? It is Style Spotter! It allows me to create collections with garments and accessories I like, suggesting items I may like in the homepage, according to my previous picks and brands I love! Also, Style Spotter allows me to find items at the lowest price! What are you waiting for? Check it out!

HAPPN Is the latest trend! Happn, featured as the “newest, hottest, dating app” on the Telegraph, is the best way to get in touch with people you cross path with during your daily life routine. I heard of it from a friend and had to download it to see what it is about. I am actually not looking for a date, but -hey- if you are, consider checking it out, it will surprise you!

BABBEL I’ve been using Babbel since a while now. I use it to improve my french (I would love speaking french fluently as I am often in Paris for work!) and I am sure when I say it is the best app to learn a language! Guess what? Babbel offers you up to 10 coupons to get 6 months free for any language you’d like to learn..If you are interested send me an email, the first 10 people will get their coupons!

UBER I’ve been using Uber since a while now, I often don’t have cash to get a cab, so I just call an Uber and pay with my credit card! It allows me to drive through the city in all comforts, so moving from one place to the other becomes a moment to rest, fix my make up, post something on Instagram. Also, you can use my Uber code UBEROMW to get 15 euros off your first ride!

MISIEDO Is the fastest way to book a restaurant in Italy: look for the city and the area where you want to eat, the kind of food you like, how much you want to spend and in a few clicks you’ll be able to book your table! Misiedo also allows you to take advantage of special offers and earn points to win a voucher. What are you waiting for? Whether you live here or you are going to visit Italy, download Misiedo and find the right restaurant for you!

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