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Babasucco Detox JuicesBabalove Babasucco Detox Juices

DETOX LIFE! This time I really did it… I started my first detox diet. I feel like I am taking this “healthy lifestyle” thing to the next level. I keep training, I try to eat better, I am basically becoming another person and in a good way. I started out with my detox going for the “soft” option, which means I had to drink juices for a day. 6 Babasucco detox juices for a whole day, one every 2/3 hours to be precise and no food allowed. I was worried I would have felt the need to eat, but I didn’t. Instead, I started feeling really good, lighter, almost relieved. It was such a good experience, a great way to cleanse my body before my upcoming trips. To learn more make sure to head on their site (they are available only in Italy, sorry guys!)

 Babasucco Detox Juices

And here they are, the six cold pressed juices I drank during my detox day. Let me tell you they tasted so good! I liked them all and I couldnt’ choose my favorite. The high quality of the ingredients, which are perfectly balanced in the recipe of every single juice, it’s what makes Babasucco detox juices so special.
1. Detox: green apple, fennel, celery, lime, mint, spinach.
2. Digestive: pineapple, carrots, papaya, ginger.
3. Antiage: apple, lemon, acai, beet, cucumber.
4. Tonic: alkalized mineral water, lemon, cayenne pepper, agave juice.
5. Draining: melon, pear, kale, chia seeds, parsley.
6. Proteic: alkalized mineral water, agave juice, almonds, himalaya salt, hemp proteins.
As I told you, it was my first detox experience and it couldn’t go better. It’s an amazing feeling to feel good with your body and with everything around you. I’d give it a 10+. After my detox, I feel energized, lighter and definitely happier. Have you guys ever tried one?

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