Beauty Favorites Summer 2015 Edition

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Beauty Favorites Summer 2015 Edition - Dior & Guerlain spring summer collections
Dior 5 colour eyeshadows | Guerlain Terracotta sun moisturiser | Guerlain foundation | Dior eye palette | Guerlain Terracotta bronzing powder | Guerlain lipsticks | Dior Diorskin Tie Dye powder | Guerlain nail polish | Guerlain eyeshadow | Guerlain maxi lash mascara

SUMMER BESTFRIENDS If every season I like to share my makeup favorites, these must be it for this summer 2015. They are my Beauty Favorites Summer 2015, for a natural look but with a splash of baby blue and pop pink for my lips. You can literally play a little bit around with a natural relaxed look, even for the beach. Guerlain foundation is also a sunscreen, which means there’s no risk at ruining your skin this summer. For my cheeks I pick the soft pinks of Diorskin Tie Dye powder or the cult classic bronzing powder from Guerlain, that this year comes in a limited edition with it’s orange plastic cover. Then, browns on my eyes when I don’t feel like color. That blue eye-shadow, though, it’s something you will definitely see me trying out in the following weeks. What do you guys think? Which are your summer beauty favorites this year? Curious to hear from you!

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