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Armani Maestro ConcealerIllustration and Photography Roberto Campos

Armani Maestro Concealer

SKIN SECRET You guys know how my make up philosophy it’s all about an easy, soft and natural look (with a touch of color now and then of course!). That is also why I try to take so much care of my skin via skincare products, yet my skin of course cannot be perfect all the times. When I am particularly stressed and busy, or when I am not eating that well, it definitely reflects on my face with small imperfections. Dark circles, small pimples and even some red stains on my cheeks. Ok, maybe I am exaggerating a little bit, but if there’s something I am really concerned about is my skin, especially regarding my face… That’s why I’ve been looking for years for the right concealer, the one that is easy to use and that doesn’t look like you are wearing makeup at all… I mean, isn’t that the point? Armani Maestro concealer is the perfect one for me, I buy the lightest shade, use it on different areas of my face and it doesn’t show up at all. You can actually also use Armani Maestro Concealer to retouch your make up even once it’s all done: your skin will “absorb it” and you will look, once again, perfect. I started using it last year during September Fashion Week, I looked so tired that I used to almost cover my face with it. Ahah. So let me be honest: Armani Maestro concealer must be the best product I’ve suggested you since I write about beauty, seriously, if you always had issues finding the right concealer just like me, now you know this is it. So guys, let me know if you tried it and also if you have any other suggestion for me! Xoxo, Irene

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