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What I am wearing (from the top down): Gaelle Paris dress, moroccan hat / H&M dress, Stradivarius hat and sandals, Gianfranco Lotti bag, Claire’s bangles / French Connection bikini, Birkenstock sliders / Amelia Toro dress / French connection swimsuit, Asos sunglasses, Stradivarius shirt, Claire’s accessories / Agata della Torre top, Zara skirt

 AN OASIS OF PEACE Let me start by saying that shooting pictures in Marrakech was not as easy as expected. The sun was so bright and high in the sky all day long that my in-shadow photos were almost impossible to take (what a pity right?!), plus La Sultana Hotel has so many incredible spots and corners that I had to choose only some of them to snap the photos you are seeing today, a few, beautiful shots I hope you liked… In a few words: I can’t complain at all. Said so, I can only tell you many good things about this place where we had the luck to stay. La Sultana isn’t a common place, it’s rather something you will never see anywhere else, it’s so unique and special that it almost feels surreal, as if you are living in a dream and you’d never want to wake up. I’m not exaggerating, I fell in love with this place in the moment I put my first foot in. Located in the Kasbah area, which is one of the most pretty in the whole city, you’ll just need to walk up a small street to reach this oasis of peace, built inside the walls of such a chaotic and fascinating city. La Sultana consists of 5 differently themed riads and each of them has personalized rooms, which means every single room provides a totally different experience. We stayed in an african themed room (you can see it in the pictures above!), so the room was made out of warm dark wood, red precious details and the atmosphere was definitely exotic and romantic. Although every of them was somehow intriguing, my favorite riad was the moroccan one, with all its colorful tiles and its magical atmosphere. La Sultana looks just like a moroccan royal palace, is the attention given to details, just like the presence of fresh roses everywhere, the jacuzzi pools, the kindness of the hotel staff, that makes the difference. So, among all the nice hotels I’ve been to, this one is definitely in my top 5 right now. Marrakech is an amazing place to explore, but it’s somehow so overwhelming that being able to go back to La Sultana after a day out was such a pleasure. Once you are in you will totally forget about what’s outside, you won’t hear the noise of cars, or the voices of people in the markets, just birds singing and the sound of water. You can just lay under the shadows of the palm trees, to enjoy by the pool while drinking a cup of moroccan tea. I could basically go on for hours, telling you about how wonderful this place is, but sometimes pictures speak louder than words. What do you guys think? PS: I opened a TripAdvisor profile, make sure to check out our review there!

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