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SUMMER LIPS How have you guys been? I am still stuck at home after my tooth surgery, which was way more complicated than expected. I can’t wait to go out there and shoot some new outfit pictures for you guys! Meanwhile, let me introduce you to my latest beauty crush this season is definitely YSL Glossy Stain Lipstick, a new in from Ysl beauty. You might want to call it a lipgloss, but the truth is that it got all the qualities of a good lipstick, from the long-lasting color to the natural but colorful look. It’s the perfect summer beauty essential, that I’ve been carrying around in my messy bag since a couple of weeks now. With a 10-hour hydration effect, these lipsticks come with a high performance flat applicator, that avoids dosage wastes and facilitates the application for a beautiful and easy final result. Ysl Glossy Stain Lipstick is just the perfect beauty trick for those busy days when you got to retouch your makeup in a few minutes just before that important appointment you are rushing to. You’ll beautify yourself instantly with Ysl Glossy Stain Lipstick. Do you know what I mean? Have you tried it yet? Xoxo, Irene

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