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Sfizio dress | H&M hat

BIRTHDAY DRESS Yesterday, the 2nd of July, it was my birthday! Let me start by thanking you for all the sweet birthday wishes I received… It’s amazing to see so many of you took time to write me all those sweet messages! Thank you so much! So, it was my birthday and I spent the most amazing day I could have asked for. I am 23 now and it was my first time celebrating this special day after I moved out. That’s why all I could think about was to stay home with my family and relax, no work, no emails, no phone, whatevers. They made the day so special, everyone was at home and they surprised me with gifts, nice food and most of all we had time to chat and laugh all together… It happens to rarely now! But you know what? Life is so good when you spend your days with those you love… So I just thought “Let it be my Birthday”, let’s not think about anything else, today is my day! What do you guys think of my birthday dress?

Ieri, il 2 luglio, era il mio compleanno! Ho ricevuto tantissimi auguri anche da voi… Grazie mille! Era il mio compleanno e ho passato una giornata indimenticabile. Ho compiuto 23 anni ed è stato il mio primo compleanno da quando sono andata via di casa quasi un anno fa, ecco perchè volevo passare la giornata con la mia famiglia, nient’altro, solo loro. Niente lavoro, email, telefono, niente. Loro hanno reso ieri davvero speciale, perchè erano tutti a casa per me e abbiamo trascorso una giornata insieme mangiando, chiaccherando, scartando i regali. I momenti con la tua famiglia diventano i più importanti quando non hai l’occasione di vederli tutti i giorni. Quindi ho pensato “Let it be my Birthday”, perchè oggi è il mio giorno. Cosa ne pensate di queste foto?

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