The Ugly Truth Of Fashion Week

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fashion-week-1Me in a pinstripe suit by Beatrice and Paloma Barcelo shoes // SS hats heaven at Borsalino’s presentation

Let me start by apologizing for my absence here on the blog and socials. I got to Mexico 6 days ago and 4 days ago I got a really bad virus that kept me in bed with no energies so that even picking up the phone seemed to me like the hardest thing to do in life. Anyways, I am finally feeling better, just in time for Mexico Fashion Week… But let’s throw it back a little bit.

“Fashion Week”, or, according to Wikipedia “A fashion industry event, lasting approximately one week, wherein fashion designers, brands or houses display their latest collections in runway shows to buyers and the media.” Fashion Week; when twice a year, we figure out what’s going to be in and what’s going to be out next season. It is all about creativity, it is all about a vision, the designer’s vision. Or at least it should be. I started hanging out at the first shows when I was 18. I had the luck to know the right people at that time and those were providing me front row invitations in some of the coolest shows here in Milan. Now, because of my blog, I am still lucky enough to have many brands inviting me to take a seat at their shows. It’s when I started going to these shows that I figured out I wanted to be part of the fashion system. Not because it’s glamorous, not because it’s cool, just because I truly, deeply, madly love fashion.

fashion-week-3At Calvin Klein presentation // My Asos mules in Vittorio Emanuele

Back then it still was all about the shows, the street style scene was really poor. I remember seeing a photographer snapping some pictures of a very well dressed woman outside a show and I didn’t really get why. Back then people wanted to go to the shows to see it, to write about it, to order some pieces for their stores… It was just about that. It was just press and buyers and then there were some lucky people like me who did not really have a role in there, but were just spectators of all that beauty. All that feeling, all that adrenaline, all that magic, well sometimes I feel it’s now gone. I am still one of those that get extremely excited when I’m in the middle of the chaos of the pre-show and then everything just falls into place and you know the show is about to start. I get chills, I shake a little bit, it’s starting, I will be one of the first to know how the collection looks like. To me that’s pure inspiration.

fashion-week-5The typical blogger selfie (my Instagram is @ontomywardrobe) // Models at Isola Marras finale

Outside the shows venues the situation is completely different. The street style scene has taken over during these past few years becoming a big business. I am talking about those pictures you see on magazines and web magazines of people hanging out outside the shows in New York, London, Milan or Paris…Well if you are reading this you know. It is all about shooting and getting shot. In all this there are some really cool people I have the pleasure to know and call my friends. There are some really good photographers out there, capable of capturing a moment, a detail, an interesting look. There are a few it-girls, editors, models, that will just catch your eye no matter what… They wear designer clothes, but also vintage pieces, or even just a white tee, all mixed and matched into what I would define pretty unique combinations. That ain’t the literal definition of street style, but well they do have the style. Then there’s bloggers, showgoers, or even just people that show up just hoping they will get featured on a magazine or website.

fashion-week-2Givenchy x Riccardo Tisci party neon sign // first day outfit in an Asos jumpsuit, cape and hat

I’ve been there too, no shame at saying so. Especially the first time I attended the shows as a blogger I felt special when some people came at me pointing their camera and shooting a photo of my look. I couldn’t believe it happened but it felt good and I wanted it to happen again. It’s something that just builds up your ego and keeps you going, which for this job is actually a great bust. There’s no wonder why everyone wants to be the one all the photographers stop in front of. With time I got used to get photographed outside shows and I’ve been so lucky to be featured on some of the most important web magazines and printed magazines too. That takes it to another level: when you see yourself and your name on a magazine next to it-girls and style icons you start thinking you are doing so good. I happened to be featured next to models which were not only incredibly stunning compared to me, but that were wearing expensive designers’ clothes while I was just in a relatively low cost outfit from Asos or Zara. That feels even better because you know someone out there is truly appreciating what you are wearing, no matter the size, no matter the brand, no matter whether you are a famous personality or not.

fashion-week-4Signature gown on Gucci’s runway // A detail of my suit, Céline bag and shoes shot by Andrew Barber 

Stated so, for some people out there this street style game has got pretty obsessive. I’ve started thinking so when I saw bloggers missing fashion shows just to get shot outside the venue of another, more important, event. I heard one of them saying although she had an invitation she couldn’t care any less about seeing the show as she was getting shot so much outside. She said: “isn’t that much more important?”, my smile was the most polite answer. I’ve been thinking about this reality during the whole past fashion week in Milan. I’ve been keeping distances from a world, or a part of it, that is so vain and doesn’t seem to fit me so well anymore. What I can’t like is people’s super ego and especially those showing off looks that don’t represent them, just to get that shot, people who prepare little “shows outside the shows”, people that prioritize their presence on street style coverages rather than being at a runway show. It’s egocentric, it’s superficial and maybe now you could say that fashion is all about appearance and appearing, but I won’t agree with you… Fashion is above all art, self expression, saying who you are through what you are wearing… Not wearing what makes you who you want to look like. What’s then behind a nice street style shot? A lot of preparation, a lot of thinking, a lot of “let’s cross the street this way and then go that way, so they can shoot us from these angles”, a lot of “let’s stand in the middle of the street even if something may crash into me -so I can be on Vogue’s cover- with that tram on the back that looks so Milano”. Yeah, it really happens and I like to see the funny side of it. Any thoughts?

Xoxo, Irene

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