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Fall Hats Inspiration Fall Hats Inspiration Fall Hats Inspiration Fall Hats InspirationImages via Pinterest, Marie Claire Australia, Us Harper’s Baazar, Vogue Uk

FALL HATS INSPIRATION The women represented in Auguste Renoir’s paintings all have something in common. The impressionist artist was able to put their femininity, their vulnerable side down on his canvas. The women of his portraits were often wearing hats. Beautifully decorated hats, indicators of a social status, which contributed adding pathos to its work. Behind the strokes of paint, behind those statement hats, there was a certain amount of melancholy hidden in those ladies’ eyes. A hat is not only a fall/winter accessory able to add a unique touch to a relatively simple outfit. A hat emphasizes a girl’s personality and sight, the essence of being a woman, with all its mistery and fascination. In these few images there’s so much to discover, this is my fall hats inspiration moodboard and I hope you’ll enjoy it! Xoxo, Irene

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