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irene-buffa-reforma-1 Irene Buffa x Juan Pablo Carrillo Photography @jpcarrilloart

Nice Things top | Stradivarius skirt | 100×200 scarf | Zara boots | Buti bag

THROWBACK Reforma is definitely one of the most incredible places in Mexico City. It’s a long avenue of skyscrapers and trees, it’s the business district as well as one of the most lively places in the whole city. Sometimes, we would just take a long walk from the city center until the park of Chapultepec, just to casually stroll down Reforma and enjoy those stunning views. If you don’t know what I am talking about, well you should consider visiting the Distrito Federal soon! Anyways, this is another stunning look I wore at Mexico Fashion Week. It has a little bit of everything: those 70’s vibes, denim, suede and even silk. Those boots, the high waisted skirt, that cropped blouse, the final touch of the silk scarf tight around my neck… This look is now in my top 5 of this year. I just love it! What do you guys think? PS: Thumbs up for Zara customer care service that changed my boots, which broke, after almost two months I purchased them.

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