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system-professional-energy-code-5 siBF5A0293energy code with system professional energy code with system professional energy code with system professionalsystem-professional-energy-code-2Irene Buffa x @rider_addict Photography

MY ENERGY CODE After trying to grow my hair for a few months now, all I could see was my hair getting longer and weaker at the same time. No matter how much care I took of them, how many products I put while and after showering, no matter what, they just looked flat and with no personality at all. Until System Professional a week ago helped me find out my Energy Code. Did you know our hair have their own unique Dna? With a portable microscope and a survey, at Milan’s famous hair salon, Sara Hilow, the team of hair experts was able to find out mine and spoiled me with a special treatment for my hair with Code Energy Complex products. After that, with just a hair dryer and a comb, a hair stylist finally gave my hair all the volume they needed (Have you guys seen it on Instagram?). If you want to find out your Energy Code, make sure to do it HERE. Xoxo, Irene

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