5 Breakfast Spots in Milan

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BREAKFAST IN MILAN As some of you on Instagram have been asking me for a Milan’s City Guide, I figured I will start sharing more often some of my fave spots across the world. Places to visit, where to stay, where to eat, where to enjoy a special sunset and all this sort of things. First thing I wanted to share with you was some of my fave breakfast spots in Milan. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I really enjoy having a good one outside, although most of the times I am too lazy to even get out of my house before eating something. That’s why I also added two brunch spots you cannot miss if you like a late breakfast that turns into a lunch like I do. What do you guys think? Xoxo, Irene

Miss Luffy Luf The first breakfast spot I wanted to suggest you is Miss Luffy Luf. I don’t have a sweet tooth, but I’m in when cupcakes and cheesecakes are just too pretty to not take a picture of them. This lovely spot is in Via Varese 4, near Moscova. In the picture I am wearing Gucci loafers and a kimono from Na-kd.
Duomo dal 1952 is another spot where to enjoy a yummi piece of cake. My favorite thing about this place is the wonderful view on the “Arco della Pace”, which you can’t miss on a sunny day. The bag in the picture is from Gucci.
California Bakery is a restaurant chain that brings together american food and organic selected products. I love having brunch here, especially when I order a bagel of bacon and prunes with a cup of american coffee! In the photo my Vuitton wallet and a pair of Miu Miu sunglasses.
Princi is another chain that offers great products from green smoothies, to italian focaccia, to the delicious cakes you see here in picture. My favorite breakfast here is a smoothie and a cup of soy milk cappuccino. You can find the Princi where I usually go in Corso Venezia 21.
Da oTTo is a new cool place in Milan which is pretty unique in the city. The atmosphere is very european and relaxed and the food is great. Get your brunch for 17 euros on a Sunday morning and it will include fruit, yoghurt, an avocado toast, potatoes, a brownie and a cup of coffee.

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