Hotel Casa Awolly, Mexico City

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Irene Buffa x Juan Pablo Carrillo photography

similar dress HERE and HERE / slippers / sunglasses

HOTEL CASA AWOLLY Hi guys, how are you doing? 🙂 Even if Mexico City is now my home, I am still aiming to find some of its best spots for my travel category. Let’s be honest: Mexico City is great when it comes to cozy hotels, restaurants and green coffee places. Mexico City is an urban megalopolis, it really is giant, chaotic, full of traffic, but there are many neighborhoods where life seems to slow down and life gets just too good. These are full of small parks, green spaces, which is what makes it a city of big contrasts and a very interesting place where to live.



Today I am introducing you to Hotel Casa Awolly, a traditional Mexico City home restored to be cozy corner in the middle of the city. With three eccentric rooms you can rent for parties or for a stay, this is yet one of my favorite hotels in the city. Located in the trendy neighborhood of “La Roma”, Casa Awolly’s restaurant is already well known among trendsetters and the fashion crowd. But that’s not it: the terrace where I shot these pictures is open every night from 6pm with a dj and special cocktails… What do you guys think? I personally love this place. 🙂 Xoxo, Irene

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