5 Living Room Decor Tips

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5 Living Room Decor Tips 5 Living Room Decor Tips 5 Living Room Decor Tips 5 Living Room Decor Tips


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5 LIVING ROOM DECOR TIPS Hey guys! Have you missed us? We are back with some new tips for your home! How to decor your living room? Here are 5 Living Room Decor Tips (on a budget) you can follow to make your spaces more interesting just by adding a few details.

1. Play with frames: have you ever thought of framing a Chanel shopping bag? Or downloading a print from Etsy for a DIY new frame? These are two ideas that are definitely inexpensive and will make your living room look like Pinterest. 😀 I especially love prints feturing palm leaves, sketches or anything else that is quite minimal and chic.

2. Throw on blankets: my couch and my chairs look definitely cooler since I added a colorful blanket and furry cushions. You don’t need to buy actual fur: go eco and try out vegan fur throw ons and pillows, they are also way cheaper! What are you waiting to try it out? This trick will make your space also more cozy.

3. Modern / old: nothing looks as fun as playing with modern and old forniture. For example, most of my forniture is modern, but adding some vintage pieces made my living room more edgy! Some of my decor objects are actually from my grandma… 🙂

4. Game of lamps: I love to have different lightings during different times of the day, but I especially love how decorative a lamp can be. Try to play with lamps of different sizes and different uses and you’ll see your living room change.

5. Green touch: plants and flowers are the details that really make me feel like home. My mum always had a very green living room so I inherited this passion from her. Some of the most decorative plants? Banana tree, fig tree or a dracena marginata if you are looking for a low maintenance plant.

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