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HENRY WATCHES COLLECTION Hello guys! How are you? Today I wanted to show you my Henry Watches collection, the 4 beautiful watches you may have spotted on my Instagram lately. So here there are my favorite 4 models from the Henry London Watches website… Which one is your favorite?

Henry London Watches




This mini watch must be my favorite of them all. It is so classy and contemporary, although it was inspired from the original Henry watch from 1965. I love the stitched leather strap.




This golden beauty is one of the most wearable watches from my Henry London collection. I love mixing it and matching it to any kind of outfit, from day to evening wear. The adjustable Milanese mesh bracelet perfectly complements this watch.




As for the Westminster, this golden watch is impeccable and uber stylish. I love its slim rose gold color which is enriched by the line of Swarowski diamonds around its purple dial. The most “important” accessory of them all.




Although this watch is the biggest, it is one of the easiest to wear with any kind of outfit. The beautiful leather black strap makes it easy to wear and of course a classic. Also here, the dial is embellished with a line of tiny Swarowski which make this watch even more beautiful and rich of details.
So what is the verdict? Which one is your favorite? Xoxo, Irene


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